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Rammstein Daily

Your daily dose of Rammstein

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Welcome to rammstein_daily, a daily picture community for the Rammstein fans.

As I've said, please note that this is, mainly, a picture-only community - no gossip, quiz results, fanfiction or whatever else. News posting is fine, because we're always happy to know what the guys are up to; and I know we're missing the point of daily communities here, but I've decided to be a little more flexible in this aspect. At any rate, please try to make your posts picture-centric whenever possible.

Rules / Regulations:

1) Every post should contain a picture. At least one (but you can include as many as you want, of course). Feel free to introduce yourself when you join the community, but you should include a picture in that first post already. Quiz results and drawings DON'T count as pictures. Feel free to post regular Rammstein pictures or even wallpapers or photomanips... about icons, you can post them if you want, but I'd recommend you to post them in iconsucht, a great community specially for R+ related icons. If you don't include pictures in your post I won't delete it or ban you from the community or anything, but please try to keep text-only entries to a minimum.

2) NO DIRECT-LINKING. In other words, don't link to a picture that's hosted in a website/webspace that isn't yours. If you don't have your own space and can't afford it, check for example photobucket.com: there you can get some free space to upload your pictures.

3) Large pictures (over 600px width) *must* go behind a LJ cut tag.

4) Off-topic posts will be deleted. No exceptions, sorry (by "off-topic" I mean not related to Rammstein or any of its members). Text-only posts will not be deleted anymore, as

5) If you want to promote a Rammstein community/website, please don't post it in the community, send me the link and I'll add it to this profile. Thank you.

6) And last, but not least: be nice to the other community members and moderator(s). And obviously, be a proud fan of Rammstein!

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Community created and moderated by gingetsu. For any comments and/or suggestions, don't hesitate to mail me at setsuka[at]gmail[dot]com.

That's all. Enjoy posting, everyone! ;)

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