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newest pictures of the boys
violetvamp wrote in rammstein_daily

New promotional photographs

(A not so great translation from porutgese) They have circulated for the Internet two new photographs of promotion to the next album to the band. What everything indicates, the Rammstein had made some photographic sessions with Olaf Heine, habitual photographer of the band, when they met in California (U.S.A.) to record the new album, in November of the last year.
from www.rammstein-portugal.com

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I LOVE these, especially #2.

I really like these, especially #2. Its dark and morbid which is why I like it! :)

Also, I have to throw this out there: does Paul ever age?! God, he's still adorable. All of them are but Paul looks the same as he always has.

doesn't the 2nd pic look like a painting?!

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