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Porn is für alle da (video!)
gingetsu wrote in rammstein_daily
As you may have read already, yesterday (very late at night) the Pussy promo aired in some German TV channels.

The video has been on and off at youtube all day, because they keep taking it down, but there's a place where you can watch it whenever you like: TheGauntlet.com. As it's possible to embed their video anywhere else, I'm leaving it below for your... viewing pleasure I suppose?

I'll add a couple of screenshots later, I know I'm supposed to - but apparently this computer doesn't want me to take screencaps of this video. I wonder why *grins*

Thoughts? Reactions? I'm guessing I've read every possible opinion on this topic today, so come on, be creative and prove me wrong! *LOL*
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(Deleted comment)
Oh Olli, you've been a baaaddd boy...

im kind of disappointed its a cliche bleach blonde with fake boobs
but im still excited to the boys!!!!

Yeah, me too. There are a lot of mire "natural" women who still have great boobs.

The video rocks! I can't wait to see the full music video!!!

Richard and Schneider look so beautiful, lol.

According to rammstein-austria, this is supposed to be about sex tourism?

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